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Uisge Beatha

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Port Charlotte LIghthouse

Hebrides to Hollywood: West Coast is the best coast.

Whilst in the City of Angels to fetch a medal for our award winning content, Carney met up with our friends at Blacksmith & Jones to discuss their forthcoming documentary Water Of Life.  Having met Producer Director Greg W. Swartz on Islay in January Carney was keen to contribute to the feature on the exploding worldwide love of the wee dram.

The Water of Life is a look at the creative revolution that has been shaking up the scotch whisky industry for the past 15 years (and shows no signs of stopping). While the film casts a wide net, the primary story focuses on the efforts of Mark Reynier, Jim McEwan, and the entire Bruichladdich team that gave voice to a revolution that was already beginning to simmer in 2001.  Blacksmith & Jones' feature documentary covers a cross section of the industry, from Dr. Rachel Barrie to the upstart Glasgow Distillery to David Stewart and his incredible tenure at The Balvenie

Crows Nest Films has enjoyed the privelege of experiencing the revolution first hand.  We have worked closely with renegade Mark Reynier and the Bruichladdich team over the years and were able to provide access to our incredible footage for the film which will be screened during Islay's Festival, the Fies Ile, on the 24th May 2019.

We look forward to seeing Greg and Trevor Jones at Ardnaohoe in the Spring.