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Ivo Belohoubek

Quite possibly the tallest of the crew, Ivo is constantly being hit by the ship's mast.

Ivo remembers waking up one cold morning in his home in Czech Republic and feeling like everything had changed. Looking outside his window he saw the Velvet Revolution tearing down communism and he loved the rush of it.  He became a revolutionary.  He was 13. Ivo then spent his formative years on barricades taking on world's banks and corporations. After a very academic stint in social sciences he stumbled across television and soon fell in love with audio visual storytelling.

Still hopelessly passionate about making the world a better place, Ivo travels to far corners of Africa filming stories of amazing people he meets there and documenting the only war worth fighting: the war against poverty. He worked with United Nations agencies, charities, both big and small, and occasionally takes on dictators in his documentaries.  Ivo is versatile, reliable and loves the challenge of hot, muddy and malaria infested location work.

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