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Edward Henderson

It all started with bicycles.

Being a rather large passion of Edward's, bicycles landed him his first job as a camera and edit assistant at one of the worlds first online TV channels, Cycling TV. Thinking that this was a rather splendid thing he started working in, he decided to spend 2 years studying digital film making. The day Ed handed his thesis in also saw him hopping on a train to shoot a surf festival for the Extreme Sports channel, for whom he ended up working for 3 years. However, office life suited Ed not so he took the plunge into the wonderful world of freelance. Since then he has worked on a variety of projects from shooting a series of films in a refugee camp for the UNHCR to traversing a double black diamond, kit in hand at Jackson Hole ski resort for a tourism film. He also picked up the nickname "Ed Cam" after shooting 2nd camera on feature film "Afghanistan", essentially if the shot involved blowing something up Ed was sent in to get the close ups, along with hanging off the side of a helicopter whilst buzzing the local Berber village shooting an air evac scene, fun times!

Essentially, Ed has worked on many things from food, fashion, film, sports and all sorts and when not shooting video he also moonlights as a lifestyle photographer. Golly, so many things worked on you wander where the time went, as Groucho Marx once said, "Time flies like and arrow, fruit flies like a banana."