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Underground Head

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Carl Stickley, Malcolm Boyle, Carney Turner

Hoppy's Here.

Last week saw the long awaited special preview screening of Hoppy - Underground Head at The Tabernacle in Notting Hill.

Directed by Malcolm Boyle and Carl Stickley with our very own Carney James Turner as Director of Photography, Hoppy is the documentary about the profoundly talented, wild and determined man who made the Sixties swing: underground mover and shaker John “Hoppy” Hopkins.

Carney enjoyed the privilege of filming with Hoppy several times before his death in January 2015.  Malcolm and Carl were approached by Hoppy himself to film a full biographical interview with him. The interviews conducted with Hoppy and his contemporaries yielded fascinating, funny and shocking stories about the Sixties underground scene and alternative culture, inspiring this feature length documentary Hoppy - Underground Head. 

Malcolm Boyle’s vision and passion has engendered a beautiful and important film revealing the soul of the time.  On seeing this first preview of the film last night, Carney exclaimed “What Malcolm has done with this dialogue is nothing short of remarkable.” 


According to legendary Martin “Youth” Glover who DJ’d the event and features in the documentary “It was a life affirming night and the film, a masterpiece, possibly the best film about 60’s counter culture I’ve ever seen and really underlines Hoppy’s crucial role as chief instigator of the Summer of Love and all things beautiful. The biggest smile I’ve ever seen and a twinkle in his eye and a mischievous Pan /Puk like imagination. Hoppy sacrificed his liberty and dedicated his genius and life, to turn others on and change the world for the better. Eternal gratitude.”

Hoppy was the protagonist of the British underground scene, deeply involved with it's emergence in 1960's London. He studied Physics and Mathematics at Cambridge, but when he was given a camera at his graduation in 1957 his life changed. This transformation was perpetuated throughout London's burgeoning underground arts scene. The journalist, researcher, political activist and, most famously, photographer created and documented Sixties counterculture and was a pioneer of independent video in the UK.

When you get an opportunity to view this masterpiece, please do.