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The Wight Stuff

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Carney Turner Channel 5 editor

Channel 5's finest.

The Jewel Of The South.  Carney was proud to be on the team of editors on Isle Of Wight, showing now on Channel 5.

The series celebrates the beauty and heritage of the Isle of Wight, following the lives of residents whose families have lived there for generations.  Episode 1 sees fishmongers Mike and Emma prepare for a busy summer.

Carney used to work with Colin Rothbart back in 1999 at Rapture Television in Norwich and they’ve been friends ever since. Colin is now a successful London based Series Producer/ Director and he asked Carney to join Daisybeck Studio's team of editors on the show, which he was very happy to do.

Crows Nest Films runs an up to date Avid 2020 full online suite with Avid Artist Acceleration and our 5G satellite uplink enables us to work at full speed with teams all over the world. This was a great experience and we absolutely love the finished series, which you can watch here.


Daisybeck Studios is an independent television company producing quality factual entertainment and event programmes since 2013 for national television channels. Their programmes are belters: The Yorkshire Vet, Made in Britain, The Highland Vet, Alton Towers A Roller Coaster Year, Spring Time On The Farm

Working with Colin, Mark McMullen and Matt Pritchard and the post production team was an incredible experience for Carney.