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No Place Like HPC

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We're at the heart of nuclear this week.

Once again we're working with the fabulous Victoria Furness on a project for EDF Energy - Britain's biggest generator of zero carbon electricity.

Production Managed by Fleur the production saw Carney and Marty head to the South West to meet some of the wonderful team involved with Hinkley Point C.  Filmed over a week in January 2023 at 7 different locations we examined the factors that makes HPC so unusual.  Thousands of workers across Britain are working hard to get Hinkley Point C built - they know its reliable low carbon nuclear electricity is essential for our energy security.  Much of the work is off site.  HPC is a completely unique project.  EDF aren't just builidng a new power station, they're setting the standard for the future of the nuclear industry in the UK and beyond.

We've also had the pleasure of working with Jack and Zac at EDF, who are complementing Crows Nest Films' shoots with additional interviews from across the team, and at HPC itself.

At Hinkley Point C EDF are building two new nuclear reactors, the first in a new generation of nuclear power stations in Britain providing zero-carbon electricity for around six million homes.  The company challenges conventional ways of working, values the diversity in its developing workforce and is building a net zero future.

In 2022 we worked with Cream Publishing to create a series of Software Development Recruitment Films for EDF.  Production Managed by Fleur, Directed by Carney and shot by him and Matt the series of films are a call to all engineers who are keen to make their mark in a career that will deliver change. 

If you're interested in a career with one of the big suppliers, you can search for jobs here.