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Arty Farty

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Ricky Martin's Masterpiece.

Carney and Fleur have been living La Vida Del Arte this summer on Britain's Best Young Artist.

Crows Nest Films provided camera ops for the series on land, sea and sky with the entire arsenal of our Canons being thrown at it as well as the DJI drones.  Challenging set ups for the drone involved Carney hand-launching and catching in the English Channel with the help of skipper Marty Aldrich in order to capture the stunning Moonfleet.

Working all around the UK we travelled from Portland to Formby and Wisley to Oldham with some incredibly gifted young people and a glorious crew.  Once again working with Nic Hall, Graeme Stuart and Kate Troy from CBBC we had a delicous adventure with tall ships, horses and botany.  It's been a true masterclass.  Working with the BBC is always a pleasure and this was no exception.  Team Britain's fencing champion Jessi Rumble and Research Queen Freya Phillips were a joy to work with, and Alex Dove, Stuart Windle and Ryan Windley brought their talent and expertise.


Art Ninja, Ricky, who also presented BBC Earth's Sketch Pad and took over from Vick Hope and Ricky Wilson to host this year's competition.  The man is a lunatic and absolutely gorgeous.  We can't wait for the series to hit our screens this autumn.


Passionate and talented young artitsts, aged 10 – 14 competed in creative and inspirational art challenges to create new work – before one takes the honour of being crowned Britain’s Best Young Artist 2022.  The series covers many styles of art included in the curriculum; from still-life to portrait, modern art to collage.