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Carney is exploring Switzerland.

Magical for some, nostalgic for others, autumn takes over from summer and dresses Geneva in magnificent golden colours with a backdrop of the dark blue waters of the lake.  This cosmopolitan lakeside city is home to a host of international organizations and mountain views.  The flamboyant autumnal atmosphere is ideal for photographing the Geneva landscape.  It has the energy of a big city but with the tranquility of a small town and Carney is there to meet 1275 Collection.

Along with Cravens, Carney and Andy Kidger are out in Switzerland to discover more about this innovative fine wine startup that is making a typically esoteric industry more accessible. For the first time, wine collectors can scan a chip on a bottle with their phone and discover the full history of their wine, from the vineyard to the table. Users have access to every relevant detail such as location, temperature, humidity and value.

A team with decades of experience within fine wine, 1275 has long been passionate about modernising an industry that is still largely analogue and relies on archaic tools like spreadsheets to manage portfolios. This dated approach can ultimately compromise the authenticity and preservation of collections, with no guarantee that the wine hasn’t been tampered with or damaged after leaving the estate.  Founded by Denis Houles and Erik Portanger, 1275 promises to be an exciting departure.  1275’s core value is respect: for the world’s great wines, for their creators, and of course, for those fortunate enough to eventually enjoy them.  They believe that every bottle is a unique work of alchemy, made from a specific piece of land, in a specific year, and created by a specific winemaker. The knowledge and artistry that goes into each bottle stems from hard won experience, handed down through generations.

It's 4 years since Carney was last out in Switzerland when he worked with the incredible Wolfgang Tillmans at the Fondation Beyeler in BaselArtReview and Adam Cole asked us to fly out and provide a live feed of Artist Talks with the photographer.  You can read about it here.

Explore this cosmopolitan lakeside city home to a host of international organizations and mountain views.