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Amazing Grace

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Amazing Grace

We're filming machines with the BBC.

Carney's off to check out some of the most amazing machines with adrenaline junky Grace WebbGrace's Amazing Machines explains the role and basic mechanics of large and or fast vehicles, and Grace invariably takes the wheel.  It's a great, educational show from CBeebies.

Today is all about tractors and we're getting a birds eye view of the mighty beasts.  Both the Parrot and the Mavic are being deployed to capture some aerial magic as Carney is a CAA approved drone pilot.  As with all of our shoots, pre-production is key, and Fleur has been working with the Beeb and local air traffic control and air users to ensure that everything was in place. 

Fun fact, the show's theme tune "Grace's Space" was composed by The Darkness.  There's always a great stable of creatives who come together on BBC jobs and we're thrilled to be working with Jay Patel again on this particular shoot.

Grace was raised in the Lincolnshire countryside, she quickly developed a love for the outdoors and would often be found exploring in her father’s engineering workshop. From a family of motorsports enthusiasts and as the granddaughter of Donington Park’s Race Circuit founder Tom Wheatcroft, Grace’s enthusiasm for adrenaline-fuelled sports doesn’t come as a surprise. Having ridden her motorbike around most of the major UK race tracks, Grace is also often seen out in four wheels and enjoys many other adrenaline-fuelled activities such as go-karting, snowboarding and aerial dance.