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Ballybar Ireland


Glorious creatures on the planet we're trying to protect.

This is our very first Albert Certified sustainably produced film and we've been awarded a 3* rating by BAFTA.

In 2020 Fleur attended their Sustainable Production course and is now officially Albert trained.  When Claire at Ballybar came to us about making a film we immediately opened the conversation about how to make the best film with the smallest carbon footprint.  Claire was honoured that we hoped Ballybar would be our very first Albert Certified film and we're proud as punch that it's been given their highest 3* rating.

By casting real farmers in our community we were able to almost completely eradicate the enormous carbon footprint that comes with production travel.  The glorious countryside which surrounds us is a vibrant reminder of the need to mitigate environmental impacts.  Our client and cast were every bit as excited and passionate as our crew about creating a film with no waste using renewable energy (thanks Octopus).

In creating Ballybar, Claire hopes to build a wardrobe for farmers clothing that is not just easy on the eye but comfortable, hard wearing and affordable. Rather than buy a few raggedy tees that’ll last a couple of weeks, Ballybar wants to outfit farmers with gear that can last season after season, withstand the sun and still keep you comfortable throughout a hard day’s work.  Ballybar shirts are fantastic quality and absolutely timeless design.

Watch the videolightbox[lifestyle 320 180]Ballybar Ireland::

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