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Christmas At Kew


A beautiful sight, we're happy tonight.

Carney and Cain were delighted to accept a royal (botanical) invitation to film Christmas at the glorious Kew Gardens.  This incredible site is a world famous centre for botanical and mycological knowledge hosting the largest and most diverse collections in the world - over 8.5 million items.  It was a crucial research tool for Charles Darwin's On The Origin Of The Species and presided over by Sir Joseph Banks for 41 years.  Come Christmas this uniquely important facility transforms into a winter wonderland.  Carney and Cain headed to Richmond to capture the atmosphere on the Osmo and C300.

You can also view this 30 second version on Kew's YouTube channel and wait for the extended version to be released nearer Christmas.


Watch the videolightbox[lifestyle 320 180]Christmas At Kew::

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