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Supporting Community


A bright and breezy future.

Working on this campaign with Cream Content and Codling Wind Park felt fantastic.  Being part of a project that both addresses the climate crisis and aims to help the local community was a true privilege.  Carney and Adam filmed this over a number of days in Ireland.  Fleur production managed the campaign with Cream, working closely with Codling Wind Park over a number of months to ensure that these films communicated clearly with the public and brought a glimpse of hope about what's (hopefully) to come.

The proposed offshore wind farm will create one of the largest community benefit funds in the world. It'll provide up to €200m in funding to local community projects over its lifetime.

The fund will be run independently by an administrator and it's up to the local community to decide how it's spent –Codling Wind Park just provide the funding. So even though Codling Wind Park hasn't received planning or begun construction yet, community groups can start to think now about how they could use the funding to bring economic, environmental, social or cultural benefits to the local area.

Watch the videolightbox[corporate 320 180]Codling Wind Park: Supporting Community::

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