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Drew Hill

Dyslexia.  That is the label that Drew was given at school.

He really struggled to learn the conventional way and got really bored and disruptive.  The head of sixth form took him to one side and said, "the day the devil ice skates to work is the day you will be able to carry on your education at this school."  Drew was really interested in electronics so found an apprenticeship in electrical installations.  Learning in a practical way made him fly and he was a fully qualified electrician a year earlier than anyone in his college.  Drew learnt his trade working all over the country, in all aspects of electrical installation from small electronic panels to large HV mains cables as thick as your leg.  He was found wanting the next challenge and started an electrical installation company of his own.  He has worked all over Europe and still very much enjoys all aspects of his work, particular sparking for Crows Nest Films.