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Fleur Willcox-Jones

Fleur started her career in the complex manipulated environment that is a Kentish girls’ school.

Rising to the top like cream came easy to this team player. Her tunic could not hold enough enamelled accolades. Bored of classroom banter the only way to challenge this girl was to speak another language. French carried her into University in Birmingham before a drunken year in Lyon almost destroyed all that she had learnt. After graduation Fleur flirted with internet startup before landing a temp job at HIT entertainment.  6 months on the company offered her courses and a full time job in the respected and creative department of accounting. Like a freshly released lab monkey she ran into the warm arms of Discovery Home & Leisure aka the best channel ever on British television. Many happy years of channel hopping ensued and a graduation from channel assistant through the executive ranks sprung her out of the Cannes bunker and off to the glamorous world of development and production. The US beckoned, the costa del sol called and many rich concepts and friendships were nurtured at the Wolsely, on broken down trains and snowy beaches. Until one day, in Bear Grylls’ kitchen, Fleur was headhunted by Carney James Turner.

A battle-scarred crewmember since 2009 Fleur is occasionally seconded to networks and creative agencies in London, where she delights in visiting Mary Poppins-style before alighting back to the Peaks.