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Pete Saunders

Online, Offline, Colourist and Audio Mixer, usually in his own HD Avid Suite at Highgate Studios in London, Pete is also able to provide offlining days on his cruiser in Chelsea Harbour, if that's what floats your boat.

Having unjustly gained an economics & geography degree at UCL Pete wisely skipped a career in politics and ended up in the equally noble TV industry.  Having trained at Ravensbourne he soon began his editing career at Visions in Dean Street, then part of the Molinaire group.  He probably edited around three hundred music promos, various short films, broadcast programmes and about a hundred commercials in the five years he enjoyed there, usually off and on-line.  Pete gave them all a leg up - everyone from Lisa Stanfield, A Beautiful South and Marc Almond and Gene Pitney  (all number ones)  and any thrash -metal, weird or pop band that happened to be being promoted. 

Pete moved to Carlton TV in St. John’s Wood Studios, later known as CTV,  becoming their senior staff editor.  Work included promos and commercials, various films, including an art house film with Tilda Swinton, a lot of MTV programming and promos and mainstream terrestrial progs and docs. These included the often cringey “The Word”  to history documentaries,  comedy shows and live sports and music events with CTV outside Broadcast units around Europe.  

In 2004 he decided to become his own boss and set up his own boutique post facility located in Kentish Town at Highgate Studios and hasn’t looked back.