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Shredder Time

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Adam B Richie Driss

Blue Peter are tearing it up today.

Is it a skateboard?  Is it a segway?  No.  It's a ShredderAdam B and Richie Driss are going head to head in another Blue Peter challenge and Crows Nest are there to get a bird's-eye view.

Fleur cleared for take off and our CAA approved pilot, Carney, scrambled the DJi Mavic 2 Pro to get some aerial magic while the boys took on might of the Hover Force track.

The DTV shredder looks like Johnny 5 from Short Circuit.  Designed by Canadian inventors, Ben Gulak and Ryan Fairchild at BPG Werks, they have taken a tank & jetski and fused them together to create a very stable off road machine that glides over almost any surface.  A combination of tank, skateboard and motocross bike, it is almost certainly the first year-round, all-terrain vehicle.  It has two aggressive tank treads, a skateboard deck and a powerful 4-stroke 196cc engine, capable of travelling through sand and snow trails and even mountainsides at high speed.  

Riding a Shredder is quite exhausting. It is rather like learning to snowboard. As you’re standing up and rocking left and right, you end up using a lot of energy, the more aggressive the ride, the more physical it becomes. While snowboarding takes some time to get to grips with the Shredder is very intuitive and once you have grasped how to use the throttle and deck we will have you gliding around within a few minutes.  Riding the DTV Shredder is surprisingly intuitive and very similar to riding a jet ski. Give it some throttle and it smoothly starts rolling, but lean to the left and it glides to the left, lean to the right..... The key thing to remember is that just like a jet ski you must make sure you give it throttle, otherwise it will not turn.