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Throwing Stones

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Mwaksy Mudenda

We're curling with Blue Peter today.

Captain Carney is back with the CBBC crew as Richie and Mwaksy get their rocks over the hog line, and their stones onto the button in the house.  Got it?  Well imagine all of that from a birds-eye view because we've taken our drone up to The Flower Bowl to capture all the action.

Fleur has been working with our friends at MediaCity to set up our first indoor drone shoot with the CBBC crew and we've taken the Osmo along for the ride.  Whilst we're not entering airspace there are, as you'd imagine, some risks to navigate when deploying a UAV indoors, and who better for the job than our CAA approved pilot, Carney.

After a couple of week's editing for YouTube and Channel 4, Carney has finally bust his way out of the Avid Symphony 2020 suite and into The Flower Bowl Entertainment Centre.  He's met up with Richie Driss and Mwaksy Mudenda who are having a shot at the icey sport.

Curling originated in Scotland in 1511, where games were played during winter on frozen local ponds.

In a game of curling, two teams of four play against each other, taking it in turns to throw their eight stones down the ice and at the house. The team whose stones are closest to the centre of the house (the button) after all the stones have been thrown, score the point. So if one team has two stones closest to the centre then they will score 2 points! This process is repeated for 6 – 10 ends and the team with the highest overall score wins! Brushing the stone whilst it is travelling will keep it going for longer. The stones don’t just travel straight down the ice, they are delivered with a rotation, and that is why the game is called curling!  Each person throws 2 rocks in every end.  The hammer is the last rock of each end.

The end.

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