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Ever Green

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Albert and Crows Nest FIlms

We're working with Albert to make our productions sustainable.

BAFTA's Sustainability Efforts are extraordinary and at Crows Nest Films we've been inspired by their resources to consciously make our productions environmentally sustainable and work as hard as we can to reduce our carbon impact.

BAFTA’s industry leading position on sustainability recognises the need for economic, social and environmental security within the film, television and games sectors, whilst acknowledging the demands in meeting creative excellence.  Albert are the authority on environmental sustainability for film and TV.  They encourage us to share, learn and act on our impact.

Factual film and television has the most profound, worst impact in the industry.  The carbon footprint is immense.  1 hour of TV content creates 14 tonnes of CO2, the equivalent of 4 UK households for a year.  Fixing that isn't about offsetting flights, it's about breaking every production into pieces and asking "what can we do here?" in pre-production.

Fleur recently attended their Sustainable Production course and is now officially Albert trained.  At Crows Nest we promote action to reduce environmental impacts and suggest sustainable production techniques.  When we're talking with new suppliers we make a point of discussing environmental policies - it's as much part of the conversation as quality and price.  At the end of a production we look to offset the remaining impacts.

We're currently working on what we hope will be the first of many Albert certified productions.  We worked with our client to reimagine a location shoot which would have cost thousands of pounds in travel and accommodation expenses as well as having a hefty carbon footprint.  By making the shoot local to the crew and recasting, we were able to almost completely eliminate this impact.  

The sustainability discussion became an exciting driving force in the production, with all the crew and cast invigorated by this common cause.  We weren't just working, we were doing something really important at the same time.  Doing our bit.  

Albert are funded by the industry, allowing them to make their tools, training and resources totally free to use.

Unsurprisingly this headspace has now taken up permanent residence amongst the crew and we constantly ask ourselves "how can we do more, to do less" in our personal lives too.

Crows Nest Films is powered by 100% renewable electricity.  Our heating is 100% renewable.  We only print when completely necessary and then on sustainable paper - not just recycled (the Woodland Trust now sell their own paper if you're interested, but check the label).