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Live Is Alive

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West Pier

We're in for more treats.

Carney is down in Brighton filming for Wire as the live music scene is reignited.  After luxuriating in Stephen Mallinder's company he is currently enjoying a LIVE performance by Immersion because Live is Alive! at Brighton Dome tonight. 

Brighton’s music venues have joined forces for a series of live gigs to support and protect the city’s vibrant music scene. Live Is Alive! is taking place at Brighton Dome and via livestream over four consecutive Saturday evenings from 17 October 2020 starting NOW.  The small-scale performances are pulsing out from the iconic Concert Hall, open to audiences for the first time since closing in March 2020. Tickets are limited to 250 each night, presented in a cabaret-style seating format, as well as offering a livestream for viewers to watch online. 

On the bill tonight is Immersion.  Instrumental duo Malka Spigel and Colin Newman already have significant musical careers with the bands Minimal Compact and Wire respectively. But the work they create as Immersion occupies its own unique space. Since the early 1990s, they have developed a signature sound that is timeless and yet completely modern. Through 2020 the couple have been working on the recorded versions of the Nanocluster collaborations and their weekly radio show Swimming In Sound on Brighton based station Totally Radio / Slack City

Immersion are presented by Chalk - one Brighton's most brilliant independent venues.

Joining them tonight are Bakk Lamp FallYumi And the Weather, and The Bar Stool Preachers.

Andrew Comben told The Latest "It's been a tough six months...  We haven't been able to open at all and w're just starting to see the glimmer of coming back to life."  "We knew from the Dome's perspective that we couldn't open, but we also knew that grass roots music venues were really suffering and there was a way to do something about that, because the capacity of the Dome is much much larger normally, obviously, but under social distancing rules becomes around 250 and that suddenly is much more useful and relevant to grass roots music venues who can then work with us to programme these evenings.  This great public building, which should be full of people all the time and accessible to everybody starts to have people back in it for the first time in 6 months.  It's really good news that we can start to be back to live again in Brighton Dome."