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Uppsala Did It Again

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Graham Lewis

We're back with the Nordic Gods.

Viking burial mounds ahoy as we send Carney off to Scandinavia to film legendary lyricist and bassist Graham Lewis and his family. 

Sound sculptress Klara Lewis is Graham's daughter.  Klara has performed in clubs and art galleries around the world.  Her debut album Ett was released by Editions Mego in 2014 and she was named Emerging Artist of the Year by BBC 6 Music DJ Mary Anne Hobbs.  She builds her work from heavily manipulated samples and field recordings, creating a unique combination of the organic and the digital.  For her third solo release, Ingrid, Klara moved into long form experimentation with a single twenty minute track for cello and electronics.  Kareem Ghezawi wrote off it in The Quietus "The humble cello that drives and defines the twenty-minute piece starts off in its purest incarnation, like spring light pouring into an eighteenth-century Viennese court or the image of an old duchess attempting to see if her tired joints can still remember the chords of her youth. Either way there is a sense you have just walked into a private moment that is at once wholesome and slightly uncanny. That uncanniness increases tenfold as the moment gets trapped into a Basinski-style loop, as if a hypnotic spell had been cast over the cello player causing them to mindlessly repeat the chords for eternity." 

Klara and her father have performed together a number of times including this collaboration at the Lausanne Underground Film & Music Festival in 2017.

Graham Lewis was a lyricist and bassist in Wire.  Formed in 1976 in England just as the punk rock scene was exploding, Wire decided to draw upon punk but do something sorta different for its 1977 debut, Pink Flag. The result: an album of short, sharp songs that sound more like what we associate with indie and alternative rock. The band was clearly ahead of its time and acts such as Black Flag, New Bomb Turks and Bloc Party have all cited them as an influence. 

Since August 2018, Crows Nest have been thoroughly enjoying working on Wire's autiobiographical feature documentary People In A Film with Malcolm Boyle and Graham Duff.  We've had the distinct pleasure of filming some of the band's performances

and conducted interviews with the art rockers at Rockfield Studios.  Having already sought an audience at the homes of Colin Newman, Robert Grey and Bruce Gilbert, we're now being back with Edvard Graham Lewis in Sweden.

In March this year we sent Matt Hickinbottom out to the USA to film the band's American tour.  Sadly, and inevitably, on Friday 13th March they had to announce all further dates would be cancelled due to the Covid-19 Pandemic.  You can read about that here.

Crows Nest are dead chuffed to be out working again especially on this project and especially with Malcolm Boyle, having worked with him for many years on Hoppy: Underground Head.

For the first time Wire are collaborating on a film about themselves and their work.  This film aims to express the very essence of Wire – the personalities, their music, their worldview, their history and their future.   This is a film which will go beyond the over-familiar conventions of the  standard music documentary.   Wire are working with seasoned director and producer Malcolm Boyle and award winning writer and producer Graham Duff, to create a film that has the humour, the unpredictability, the surrealist edge and creative agility of a Wire song.