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Secret's Out

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Adam B

He's been unmasked.

Carney and Fleur aren't the only dudes with Blue Peter badges... Adam B has been revealed as the 40th Blue Peter presenter and we've been thrilled to work with him on his new missions these last few weeks. 

On Tuesday at 5pm YouTube's Adam B released this video with a much anticipated announcement: he's joining the crew.  We've had a great few weeks working with CBBC and have been filming with Adam, Mwaksy and the team in the Peak District and in Manchester.

Fleur and Carney first met Adam with Buxton Mountain Rescue Team when he filmed his very first challenge for the show - a stretcher abseil at Tegg's Nose in Derbyshire.  The team were all too happy to show Adam the ropes and Carney filmed the descent at Adam's side, thanks to some nifty ropework by Ruth Breeze and Delvin Poulter.  Crows Nest crew also got a birds eye view of the action with our CAA approved drone squad.  Since then we've been flying around the Frisbee Golf course with them in Trafford.

Blue Peter is the longest running childrens television program in the WORLD.

Just five years ago, when he was only 15, Adam Beales told his parents he was going to be a YouTuber.  Now, known as Adam B, he has nearly three million subscribers who follow his channel to watch his witty antics and pranks.  This is not his first big reveal of 2020, the 20 year-old, from Londonderry, has already used his internet success to secretly buy his parents Edelle and Paul and brother Callum their dream home.

Adam's parents had no idea he was going to prank them in such an amazing way, with the video of their reactions viewed over a million times.

“It kind of scares you what he can do behind the scenes," his dad Paul told UTV News.  “He's pulled some clangers in his time, but this is up there - you can't top this one. What a dream, your son buying you a house.”

“I really do champion people who do things that are not normal, they take a different path," Adam said.  He also handed out more than £20k worth of gifts to children and their families following an online appeal for nominations of those deserving a treat in these difficult times.  In April this year he fulfilled a lifetime dream of being an ice cream man, but instead of serving up sweet treats he was delivering life changing gifts, including a car to a family that lost a loved one in April.  From laptops through to phones, tablets, cameras, toys and drones Adam delivered the presents after choosing from a list he and his family looked through.  You can watch the video here.

Feel free to get in touch with us about our drone and production services, or anyone in the UK aged 6-15 can apply for a Blue Peter badge: more info here:

You can watch the episode premiere on CBBC at 17.30 on Thursday 10th of September.