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Gareth Jones

Who remembers Klive Nice and Hornsey Transfer?

Filming continues today on forthcoming Wire documentary People In A Film and we're talking heads with Jon Savage and Gareth JonesCarney and Graham are enjoying a double helping of talent in London today.

Jon Savage is an English writer, broadcaster and music journalist, best known for his history of the Sex Pistols and punk music, England's Dreaming. Interviewed about his formative years by The Quietus in 2009, Savage explained "I was training to be a solicitor, I was an articled clerk — that was my day job — and I was writing for Sounds at the same time.  They were doing a generic round-up of punk rock groups called Images of the New Wave, or something naff like that, and my first task was to interview Wire. It was a little 50-word piece. I think Colin was still calling himself Klive Nice at that point and, much to everyone's continued amusement after 30 years, Graham was calling himself Hornsey Transfer."

This morning, we're in Shoreditch filming with legendary music producer and musician Gareth Jones.  Pitting himself in 

Berlin during the ‘80s after being asked to travel there by a Vienna-based punk band, Jones worked closely with bands like Erasure and most notably, Wire, helping to produce records that were attributed with the “industrial” scene of the time. 

Gareth has always found transformative inspiration in recorded music and has dedicated his life to the form. An initial training at the BBC in the late 1970s led to this 40 year arc exploring the art of capturing and creating magical vibrations inside and outside the recording studio. 

Jones started this journey at Pathway Studios in London and helped build the Garden Studio in London's Shoreditch. In the early 80s he moved to Berlin for 10 years and worked at the legendary Hansa Studio, where he continued experimenting with recording the space around the music (making, amongst many other projects, the “Berlin Trilogy” with Depeche Mode) . Since then he has worked extensively throughout Europe and North America.

In the early nineties Gareth moved back to London to a production room at Strongroom Studio, where he was for 15 years, and is now again since 2013.

Along with Wild Palms - Deep Dive Jones has produced a tonne of records. Fancy some fun facts about Gareth Jones?  Well how about these:  

First record produced: Nick Cave - The Road To God Knows Where / Live At The Paradiso

Best-selling record produced: Depeche Mode - Some Great Reward

Best-selling single produced: Depeche Mode - Master and Servant

Also known for: Composing the soundtrack for the ‘John Tucker Must Die’ film.

Wire have just released Cactused from their forthcoming album Mind Hive, the video for which is all Crows Nest footage.  We've shot with the band in Rockfield Studios, Waterloo, The National Forest, and Uppsala.

If you want to know more about People In A Film, including how to be a contribute, you can watch a Q&A run by Graham, Malcolm and Wire in London here.