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Ed's capturing more People In A Film.

Down on the South Coast Graham Duff and Ed are at home with Colin Newman and Malka Spigel as they mix Wire tracks and immerse themselvse in art rock.  Newman is the founding member, primary vocalist and songwriter for legendary art rock band Wire about whom Graham Duff and Malcolm Boyle are making documentary People In A Film.  Boyle claims his life has never been the same since hearing Wire's 154 at University.  Duff first heard 154 in 1980 and said "suddenly everything else sounded a bit shit.  I just thought this is the gold standard for modern music.  It was an epiphany."

Crows Nest Films have had the privilege of filming with Wire many times whilst working on People In A Film and Carney shot with him and Malka in November of 2018.  

Raised in Tel Aviv, Malka Spigel began her musical and artistic life in Amsterdam in the early 80s.  There, she first picked up a bass guitar and, with fellow émigrés Berry Sakharof and Samy Birnbach, founded Minimal Compact, who were famed for their energy, unpredictability and intensity.  Their middle-eastern nuanced post-punk garnered a large, loyal following, especially in continental Europe.  

In 1985, Spigel met Wire’s Colin Newman – then producing Minimal’s Raging Souls – and collaborated with him on Commercial Suicide in 1986.  They married soon after and, basing themselves in Brussels, developed a creative partnership on various projects before relocating to London in 1992.  The couple then set up the Swim~ label, releasing Spigel’s debut album, Rosh Ballata (1993).  Spigel’s mini-album, Hide, and her second full-length record, My Pet Fish, both followed in 1997.

Inspired by the experience of creating an Immersion installation for Event Horizon at the Irish Museum of Modern Art in 1996, Spigel began to pursue her interests beyond music, earning a degree in Fine Art (specialising in video and photography).  She subsequently made video work for Immersion and promos for Minimal Compact, Vapourspace, Githead and Wire. Under the name Maya Newman, she also established herself as a photographer.  Now widely known for her innovative, arresting work with Lomo LCA cameras, she has had major shows in Strasbourg (2008), Tel Aviv (2010) and Jerusalem (2011).

Autumn 2012 saw the release of Spigel’s third solo album, Every Day Is Like the First Day, featuring contributions from a diverse array of artists such as Johnny Marr (The Smiths), Alexander Balanescu (The Balanescu Quartet), Julie Campbell (Lonelady), Nik Colk Void (Factory Floor) and the Italian composer Teho Teardo. Live work followed in support of the record, including concerts in France and Israel, a BBC radio session for Marc Riley’s 6 Music show and a performance at Wire’s DRILL : LONDON festival.

Wire have just released Cactused from their forthcoming album Mind Hive, the video for which is all Crows Nest footage.  We've shot with the band in Rockfield Studios, Waterloo, The National Forest, and Uppsala where Ed filmed Graham Lewis earlier this year (which you can read about here).

If you want to know more about People In A Film, including how to be a contribute, you can watch a Q&A run by Graham, Malcolm and Wire in London here.

Also shooting today... Carney is in Wales at Surf Snowdonia with Help for Heroes, which you can read about here.