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Bonnie Clyde

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Citizen Firefighter

Carney's shooting in Scotland today.

The captain is back in Alba filming interviews with Cravens in the heart of Dear Green Place.  The Newcastle based creative agency have been culturally strengthening brands since 1946 and is reportedly the oldest advertising agency in the UK.  Tales are told of the agency’s involvement in the iconic blue star of the Scottish and Newcastle Brewery (as seen on the Newcastle Brown Ale bottle) and the Fairy Liquid Baby, but usually only after a few pints.  In 2014 Andrew Kidger joined the team and is now their Director of Production and Partnerships.

We've known and worked with Mr Kidger for decades and it was pure brilliant to be invited to film interviews with Emma and the team this week.  Following a month in the edit suite, Carney has finally sprung out and over the border into Bonnie Scotland. 

Scottish engineer John Logie Baird broadcast the first moving images in Glasgow in 1926 when he transmitted pictures from London’s Royal Institution to Glasgow’s Grand Central Hotel at the city’s Central Station.  We think he'd be pure beaming at the content captured with our 4k rigs, Rhino Motion Slider and Anova Rotolight.