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La Dolce Vita

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Todi, Umbria

Che bello! Carney is in Italy this week.

Home to many of the world's greatest works of art, architecture and gastronomy, Italy elates, inspires and moves like no other.  Italy is the fire in Il Capitano's blood and he is enjoying a glorious sojourn in Umbria

At the tender age of 20, not content with experiencing La Bella Italia through Fellini and Antonioni's lenses, Carney moved to Rome and thrilled in a year of culture, chaos and friendship-forging at Orbit.  This week he is out in Todi exploring Umbria with wordsmith Jill Starley-Grainger and ABTOI.

Umbria is Italy in microcosm: olive groves, vineyards, sun-ripened wheat fields stippled with wildflowers and hills plumed with cypress trees rolling gently west to the snow-dusted Apennines and east to the glittering Adriatic Sea.  In between, castle-topped medieval hill towns await, glowing like honey in the fading light of sundown.  Carney and the peripatetic coterie of journalists and wanderlusters are staying at the stunning La Tenuta dei Ciclamini, luxuritating in the regions gifts.   

The region scores highly on the artistic front too, as the birthplace of Renaissance masters Raphael and Perugino, and sprightly composer Rossini. St Francis of Assisi, St Benedict and St Valentine all hail from here.  What more could you want?  Flag throwing?  That's happening too.

It's great to be adventuring with Jill again.  Crows Nest filmed Jill's exploits in Lisbon in 2009 when she flew to Portugal armed only with her twitter account.  You can watch that here.  Carney and Fleur also filmed with Jill and Ryanair in Oslo in 2010 which you can watch here.