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Colin Newman

Pioneer & much besides...

Carney and Graham are filming on the South coast with Colin Newman, founding member, primary vocalist and songwriter for legendary art rock band Wire today.

According to Rolling Stone magazine, Wire have always been as much of an art project as a band.  "Originating in a unit at singer Colin Newman’s art school, this experimental quartet explored through their much-lauded 1977 debut Pink Flag a detached and savage minimalism, which, in the former, would inspire Brit-pop bands such as Elastica and, in the latter, provoke American hardcore acts like Black Flag."  In a 2013 interview with Rolling Stone, Newman said the band were yet to achieve real recognition, "Basically, the world divides into people who know Wire and they think that everybody knows it, and the rest of the world, which is 99.9 percent of it, who’ve never heard of Wire."  This is all about to change.

The legendary punk generation art rock band are making a film about themselves with Graham Duff and Malcolm Boyle who brought Carney in on the project.  Filming began in August this year when the captain captured Wire's performance of John Cage's 4'3", a 4 minute and 33 second composition of uniterrupted silence.  They have also filmed with the band recording earlier this year at Rockfield Studios and interviewed Robert Grey at his home in the National Forest.

Crows Nest are unleashing our full 4K force at the feature and are thrilled to be filming with Malcolm on this project, having worked with him for many years on Hoppy: Underground Head.   

Colin Newman is probably most widely known as the frontman/tunesmith of the art/rock band Wire, who through various incarnations in the 1970s, 1980s and 2000s have trashed as many genres as they have created, ranging from the austere future punk of their 1977 debut Pink Flag to the "intelligent, adventurous, 21st century rock n roll" of their most recent opus Object 47 (2008), passing through many colours of twisted pop, avant psychedelia and techno throb along the way. The list of bands Wire have influenced is long and diverse, and ranges from U2 to Elastica to Aphex Twin, from REM to Fisherspooner to Liars.

As well as his involvement with Wire, Colin has also worked on many other projects. He has made six solo albums, and produced, remixed or arranged music for The Virgin Prunes, Minimal Compact, French megastar Alain Bashung, Hawkwind, Dead Man Ray and Silo. In addition to this, since the early 1990s he has run the groundbreaking Swim label with Malka Spigel, who is also his wife. The pair have made many artistic collaborations, the best known of which is Immersion, although in fact any Swim-released work under either of their names is actually a collaboration. Swim has also released work by many other artists (often realised in Swim's studio), including: Lobe, Ronnie & Clyde, g-man, Silo, Symptoms, Akatombo, Toucaen, and Githead!

In addition to running the Swim label, Colin also runs the pinkflag label (all Wire's recent releases have passed through the Swim studio and Colin's hands).