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The Drone Thing

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Drone AG

Could this be the future of farming?

We're filming for Renegade Rum in Northumberland today.  Carney and Oliver are up at Drone AG in Alnwick getting the inside track on the DJI crop spraying drone.  Crows Nest Films are working on a series of documentary films for CaneCo and Renegade Rum based in Grenada, and the project is investigating the use of aerial machinery.  

Thanks to an initiative launched by Renegade and Westerhall Rum in September 2016, sugar cane production on Spice Island has not only resumed, but is thriving.  The terrain, however, can be challenging as the volcanic island is thick with forests.  The ability to cover varied and uneven terrain makes drones the perfect precision spraying tool. Combined with mapping, the drone sprayer can be used to target specific areas of weeds or disease reducing impact and increasing efficiency.  CaneCo is all about a new approach and is very well respected, Director of Agriculture, Bertrand John explains that they are "not changing the landscape physically, but socially... there's a new impetus, a new trust with regard to

agriculture."  So today the boys are test pilots, seeing if this DJI drone could cut the mustard in the Caribbean.