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Afraid Of The Dark?

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Bolsover Castle Sunset

We're ghostbusting tonight.

Surrounded by plague pits and built on an ancient burial ground, Bolsover Castle is the spookiest castle in England, and Carney is spending the night there, after dark, to capture the spirits within its walls.   He'll be throwing down proton packs and locking the footage up in 4K.

Joined by YouTube sensations AmyLee33, Speedy and Ashdubh, Carney has loaded up an arsenal of cameras and mics to pursue the paranormal in the 300 year old towers and dungeons.  They will endure a ghost tour of the Red Room, Great Hall, underground servants’ quarters, kitchens, bedrooms, dungeons, cellars and Royal quarters before spending the night alone, or not…

Staff at Bolsover Castle claim to have seen the ghost of a boy grasping visitors’ hands in the garden without them noticing.  They tell stories of when they have had doors slammed on them and their ankles touched.  Balls of white light are seen frequently and Bolsover Castle also has its own Grey Lady which is seen walking through the grounds.  There is the sound of

crying in the parapets and the screams of a woman.  Disembodied voices and ghostly footsteps following on the stairs of those who walk up them are also often heard.  Visitors have said they felt like they were being pushed, had cold sensations and heard muffled voices.  

If you are brave enough to explore a castle once the sun has gone down you slip inside.  This year, English Heritage are opening some of their sites After Dark, with thrills and spills guaranteed to scare even the most daring adventurers.  

With Royal connections, not least King Charles 1, Mary Queen of Scots and William The Conqueror, Bolsover Castle has been a residence to many famous and infamous names. Their legacy lives on within the fabric of the Castle walls which has many a haunting tale to tell.  All being well Carney will be safely back at Crows Nest before daybreak to tell them.

UPDATE: If you think you can handle it, you can now watch English Heritage's film here.