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Down To The Wire

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We're filming a Rockumentary Motion Picture with punk legends.

Henry Rollins said, "I think Wire have one of the most interesting stories in music."   Part of the early UK punk scene, Wire set themselves apart with their sharp, exact, thought provoking style.  They weren't just a band, they were Dada artists.  Formed in 1976 the cult group inspired The Cure, Spoon, R.E.M. and Henry Rollins amongst others.

The legendary punk generation art rock band are making a film about themselves with Graham Duff and Malcolm Boyle who brought Carney in on the project.  Filming began in August this year when the captain captured Wire's performance of John Cage's 4'3", a 4 minute and 33 second composition of uniterrupted silence.  This was the first performace by the original line-up for 15 years and was part of a celebration of Mute Records' 40th anniversary.  The band played in a Waterloo subway like situationist buskers.  Director Malcolm Boyle timed the performance, and Carney captured the event on film and stills. 

The full performace of 4'33" will appear in the completed film.

Today filming continued in Bruce Gilbert's North London home where he was interviewed by the writer, actor and producer Graham Duff.  Duff discovered Wire in 1980 in a Preston branch of Tandy's.  He was blown away by 154, "mysterious yet immediate, muscular without being macho, sleek yet spiky, motorik but concise.  The music had and experimental edge and was frequently unconstrained by the verse/chorus fomat, with nothing so obvious as a solo.  A generous but subtle use of synths and keyboards melded perfectly with the most varies guitar textures of the era, whilst Robert Gotobed's drumming was cool, direct and uncluttered.  The album was crammed with turns of phrase which were simultaneously vivid yet ambiguous.  Words which demanded to be examined and deciphered."

Crows Nest are unleashing our full 4K force at the feature and are thrilled to be filming with Malcolm on this project, having worked with him for many years on Hoppy: Underground Head.