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The Wild Side

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Nick Weston Treehouse

Wild Camping and fishing for our supper.

It's a dirty job but we just love doing it.  This week we're filming with the beguiling Nick Weston, a hunter, gatherer and cook who has been grubbing about in woods since he could move.  Bush tucker man Nick gradually got into wild food with the help of his mother and her willingness to teach him how to cook the rabbits, pheasants and trout that found their way into the kitchen.  

We're filming him as part of a series of documentaries for The Botanist which have taken Carney around the planet sourcing local indigenous flavours, and this week has had him tucked away in the Sussex wilds.  Nick, himself, has traveled the world, through southern Africa and the South Pacific, rod in hand.  In 2008 he lived in the Cook Islands for 3 months as the Survival Expert on Channel 4's Shipwrecked.  Back in the UK he built a treehouse in a quiet Sussex wood, and lived there entirely self-sufficiently for 6 months, off grid. Hunting, fishing and foraging along with a few basic staples and a small vegetable 

patch provided him with a rich, varied diet and self-sufficient lifestyle which would go on to form the ethos of Hunter Gather Cook.  You can read about the real life Boy's Own adventure in his book The Tree House Diaries: How to live wild in the woods.

The soundscape for this series of films is very much inspired by the search for foraged ingredients and will feature only found sounds.  The TASCAM has, once again, beautifully captured the available audio.

Nick, Carney, and Bruichladdich's ebullient Kate Hannett have been feasting in the wild.  While they discussed their passions and pasts they enjoyed freshly caught wild brown trout with mustard pickles and crushed ivy for dinner.

One touch of nature makes the whole world kin.