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Back Once Again With The Renegade Master

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Capturing the Caribbean.

A lot has been happening on Spice Island since Captain Carney was last there, so he has returned to Grenada this week to document new developments with the renegade master, Mark Reynier.

Thanks to an initiative launched by Renegade and Westerhall Rum in September 2016, sugarcane production on the island has not only resumed, but is thriving.  After a long history of cane growing, Grenada is now enjoying a rejuvenation with new, clean, disease-resistant varieties of sugarcane.  With its hilly terrain, altitude range, volcanic and alluvial soils there is a good variety of terroirs for cane.  CaneCo cultivate, propogate and farm superior sugarcane for Renegade Rum Distillery and have been working with local farmers to change the future of cane growth on the island.  This week Carney and B.J., CaneCo's Director of Agriculture, interviewed Mr Jeremiah at Plains in St Patrick.  Mr Jeremiah has recently starting working with the team, to revive his land.  He said, "I'm very happy that CaneCo came to this land to get farmers like myself and other farmers involved.  It's like a ray of hope and ray of light.  There is an urgent cry for farmers to get back to the land.  By virtue of our location in this part of the hemisphere, Grenada has some of the most fertile soil on the planet.  You can watch the full interview here

At Renegade Rum, work has begun on the distillery itself and the team have been looking to recruit a Site Manager and Engineering Manager.  The distillery is one of the first all new distilleries to be build it the Caribbean for generations.  The project is based at Conference, Grenada.  Designed to harmonise the best modern equipment with traditional distilling, it's an environmentally friendly state-of-the-art new distillery, using only fresh locally grown sugar cane to produce an uber-premium rum for export.  Mark and the team have, this week, met up with architects FDT to continue the development of this innovatory site and hope to break ground next month.

It has also provided a fantastic opportunity to break in some of Crows Nest's new kit: our traveling drone - the DJI Mavic Pro 4K, Rode mic and Canon EF 11-24mm Super Wide Zoom lens - an incredible wide angle lens with no curvature distortion which captures exquisite images.  It's exceptionally versatile, creating beautiful, epic, wide establishing shots at 11mm, through to glorious normal wides at 24mm.

We'll share more footage with you as soon as we can, but in the meantime you can catch up on the story so far here.