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Capture The Castle

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Bolsover Castle

Different roads sometimes lead to the same castle.

Crows Nest Films is once again allied with English Heritage in bringing history to life.  Their inspiring education team invited us to Bolsover Castle in Derbyshire today where a group of history hungry students are fortifying their knowledge.  Carney and Mo stormed across the East Midlands to meet the Education Team and pupils from a local primary school.  The fairytale Stuart mansion perches high on a ridge above the Vale of Scarsdale and provides a treasture trove of fabulous education opportunities for pupils, particularly art, history and geography.  The younguns were keen to get their mitts on the new interactive guide, a free multimedia experience with touch-screen games and in-depth interviews featuring the Spooksy voice of Rupert Penry Jones.

The Little Castle was created as an extravagant retreat by playboy, poet and courtier, Sir William Cavendish. With medieval-style turrets and towers it was a building designed to surprise and delight.  Even royalty came here, in 1634, when Sir William spent a staggering £15,000 on banquets and entertainment for King Charles I, and his Queen Henrietta Maria.  Brilliantly preserved and beautifully restored, the labyrinth of sumptuous rooms are adorned with richly coloured wall art, carved marble fireplaces and stunning painted ceilings.