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Christmas at Kew

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Christmas At Kew

A beautiful sight, we're happy tonight.

Crows Nest Films were delighted to accept a royal (botanical) invitation this Christmas.  The crew are in down in London town filming Christmas at the glorious Kew Gardens.  This incredible site is a world famous centre for botanical and mycological knowledge hosting the largest and most diverse collections in the world - over 8.5 million items.  It was a crucial research tool for Charles Darwin's On The Origin Of The Species and presided over by Sir Joseph Banks for 41 years.  Come Christmas this uniquely important facility transforms into a winter wonderland.  Carney and Cain headed to Richmond to capture the atmosphere and it is spectacular.

Fairytale meets fantasy in a world of singing trees, larger than life flora, ribbons of light, an ephemeral walkway of giant baubles, and a flickering Fire Garden.  The Palm House leaps into life with a dazzling show of lazer beams, jets of light and kaleidoscopic projections.  There features a mile long walk incorporating the Sackler Crossing and the Great Broad Walk Borders

Tony Kirkham, Head Of The Arboretum at Kew, and his horticultural team have added their own light creation to Christmas at Kew this year.  

Tony chose a special Turkey Oak tree on the route and decorated it with 1,000 metres of lights which took 6 team members 10 days to decorate.  Tony Kirkham said: “We have over 14,000 trees spread throughout the gardens, and oak trees are well represented with over 2,700 specimens of 112 species. It’s been great to make a feature of just one of these - a Turkey oak on the trail route– using the pea lights to showcase its form and structure. We hope everyone who visits will be wowed by its sheer size and scale and be reminded of the beauty of the natural form of all trees at winter time, not just traditional Christmas trees.” 

Duet is a magical, ethereal light and sound experience designed for our iconic Sackler Crossing bridge, featuring two voices singing in harmony across the lake to each other.

Designed on the crossing, lake and islands, Duet incorporates an illuminated animated bridge (covered in light bars with 26,400 LED lights) while atmospheric underwater lights shine from the depths of the lake. The bespoke soundscape is specially composed to complement the lights and creates a magical atmosphere.