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Wild Abandon

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We're taking inspiration from a landscape of contradictions in Cape Town this week.

"On land, at sea, in forests and mountains, there is food all around us, we just have to open up our senses and reconnect."  So says forager and teacher, Roushanna Gray.  

Crows Nest Films is out in South Africa learning about The Cape's rich and varied landscape.  Rugged rocks and sheer cliffs towering more than 200 metres above the waves and cutting deep into the ocean provide a spectacular habitat for the rich biodiversity here.  The 307 km coastline offers an abundance of food and raw materials.  Captain Carney is out on the peninsular, connecting with nature, and foraging amongst the tidal pools, rocky and sandy shores and coastal dunes. 

Roushanna's intimate knowledge of the terrain's wild offerings is remarkable, so along with The Botanist we've come to feast on her knowledge and the indigenous edibles.  Carney has enjoyed a plethora of foraged flavours including sea urchins, wild salad and waffles.  If you want to experiment yourselves you can take inspiration from her Mermaid Soup, Sea Lettuce Sea Scone or Kelp and Cocoa Ice Cream recipes.  Better yet, join Roushanna for a foraging course with Veld and Sea at Good Hope Gardens Nursery.

We've also encountered the supremely talented Patrick Burnett of Burnett Wood Surfboards.  Patrick handcrafts hollow wooden surfboards, a natural and green alternative to synthetic surfboards.



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