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Sun, Seed and Wexford

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John Rowe instruction

Combining work. play and Brazil.

Silicon valley's got nothing on the siliceous stones of Killinick.  Carney has been out in Ireland this week filming for Waterford Distillery.  The sun has at last got his hat on and the combine harvesters are firing up to bring home the barley.  As part of ongoing documentary filming, Crows Nest Films visited John Rowe's farm in County Wexford to capture the action.  Rowe has an astounding collection of Massey's and our D.O.P. was delighted when he was given the opportunity to captain the combine harvester.  Waterford Distillery is in the process of creating the world's most profound single malt, and for that they need the very best barley in the world.  Hilltown Farm's Clashmore series soil is one of 19 distinct soil types in which Waterford's barley is grown.  As only one farm's barley is distilled a week, there is total tracebility from field to bottle.

Back at Grattan Quay, the state-of-the-art machinery at Waterford's extraordinary distillery is overseen by chief engineer  Anthony Brazil.  The organic matter collected by the wash still filter is almost like whisky toffee that has been baked on the nose cone of a still-shaped rocket tearing through the earth's atmosphere.  If you want to learn more about The Facilitator you can watch our documentary about it, featuring Mark Reynier, here.

Anthony Brazil Waterford Distillery


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