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The World Is Not Enough

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I Heart Astana

Crows Nest crew are in Kazakhstan this week.

When James Bond asked Christmas Jones "What are you doing here in Kazakhstan?", she replied "Avoiding those kind of questions, just like you."  We too are on a classified mission for the government.  Captain Carney has been joined in Astana by Ivo, Matt, Deano and George to hand over a media bounty.  20 years ago Astana, then Akmola, was an empty patch of land by the Ishim River, best known as a former gulag prison camp for the wives of Soviet traitors.  Today the bulging, science fiction-like skyline of the nation's new capital city has started to earn the country some international recognition.  Many of Astana's buildings were designed by architect Norman Foster and the landscape has been compared to the Mysterons' base on Mars.  It is unlike anywhere on earth.

The renegade crew have flown in, with an arsenal of kit to capture the essence of this incredible metropolis.  

Crows Nest Crew  Filming In Astana

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