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Sugar and Spice

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We're taking our sweet time in the Caribbean.

Captain Carney is out filming in the West Indies this week.  

He's capturing stunning footage where the green lush vegetation envelopes the fertile landscape in scenic tapestry. We're documenting developments on Grenada as Renegade Spirits have been resuscitating the sugar cane industry.  Large scale sugar cane cultivation had ceased several years ago, and the island had begun to import sugar.  Thanks to an initiative launched by Renegade and Westerhall Rums in September 2016, sugar cane production has now resumed.  Renegade calls for a collaborative effort to create high quality rum for exportation and has been working with and re-empowering famers.   The initiative was praised by Grenada's Minister of Agriculture, Hon. Alvin Da Breo who said, at the launch, "there is tremendous potential of creating an avenue enhancing livelihoods of many small farmers."  and many farmers have indeed now taken advantage of the valuable opportunities of the rewarding project.  Carney is on with island with Mark Reynier and together they have been exploring the island, thrilling in the thriving sugar cane growth as well as learning how to make cocoa. 

It's a tremendously invigorating project and genuinely thrilling to be involved.  You can keep up with events on the Grenada Broadcasting Network News, and we will share more beautiful footage with you soon.


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