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Pioneering Spirit

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We've been rummaging in the secret garden.

Mo's popped on his flat cap and flown up to Auld Reekie to capture a coterie of innovative souls gathering treasure from the woods and waysides.  The creatives have gathered from around the world, meeting in Edinburgh to forage local flavours with The Botanist.  The summit has drawn ambassadors from Russia, the Czech Republic, Canada, the USA, France, Belgium and Turkey together to luxuriate in nature.  The excited clan trawled Edinburgh for wild botanicals, edible flowers and herbs to create cocktails at The Secret Herb Garden.  From Princes Street Gardens to Leith and up into the Pentlands, merrily stuffing their bags with mugwort, wormwood, sorell, rhubarb and array of local delights.  Canada's Gez McAlpine fashioned a foraged vermouth out of this little lot using only ISI canisters and wild botanicals. 

Mo's been in the mix with the DJI Osmo as well as the usual rig and is now safely holed up on Islay, creating his own visual cocktail.  Thanks to Caitlin Hill for this beautiful and profoundly enticing shot of Ally Kelsey's rhubarb and onion

martini.  Can't wait to see what else Mikhail Kalachev, Vaclav Rout, Abi Clephane, Reed Pettit, Matteo Fabbris, Trent Simpson, Jason Cousins, Florian Pflieger, Scott Fitzgerald, Karlene Palmer-McLeod, Amy McDowell, Daniel Kutch, Nick Baeyens and Ilkgun Cam came up with.  Watch this space.




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