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Hey Good Looking


This 3 part documentary was Carney's love affair with Drum 'N' Bass as this was made entirely with favours and a budget of £0.00

In 1998 after Carney had been stalking LTJ Bukem and MC Conrad for a few years the larger than life manager, Tony Fordham, said to him at Turnmills, "Carney your persistence is getting noted, son."  Unbeknownst to promoters booking the band from that day on they paid for one extra DJ, who wasn't a DJ, he had a camera.  Hey Good Looking is a documentary about the record label, and the journey of the musicians and characters that got caught up in the web of delicious nonsense that was 90's DnB.

Watch the videolightbox[Sea Chest 320 180]Hey Good Looking Part 1 of 3::

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