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People In A Film

Wire are the definitive post-punk band and we're working on this rockumentary with a host of legends.

Now for the first time Wire are collaborating on a film about themselves and their work.  This film aims to express the very essence of Wire – the personalities, their music, their worldview, their history and their future.  This is a film which will go beyond the over-familiar conventions of the  standard music documentary.   Wire are working with seasoned director and producer Malcolm Boyle and award winning writer and producer Graham Duff, to create a film that has the humour, the unpredictability, the surrealist edge and creative agility of a Wire song.  Carney, Fleur and Ed have had the distinct pleasure of working on the film with Malcolm, Graham and Wire themselves around the UK and Sweden.


The name of this documentary is People In A Film and you can get involved in the crowdfunding here.  You can help make this documentary about this most unique and influential of British bands happen and you can even get your name in the credits.


Initial shooting has already started, capturing Wire in the legendary Rockfield Studios recording a new album, as well as extensive in-depth interviews with Colin Newman, Graham Lewis, Robert Grey, Matthew Simms and Bruce Gilbert.  We've also shot footage of a special one off event which reunited Wire's original line-up. 


Malcolm Boyle and Graham Duff are working with Wire and are now seeking supporters to help them complete the next stage of the film.  This crowdfunding campaign will draw together the international community of Wire fans, music documentary viewers and lovers of music and cutting-edge culture who would be fascinated to see inside a group of artists who continue to leave such a distinctive mark on modern music and culture.


Malcolm Boyle is a director, producer and performer. His credits include Avalon - A Field in Glastonbury, Ali G Before He Was Massif, Ideal, and Nebulous. Malcolm’s work has been seen on BBC TV, Channel 4, Five, Nickelodeon, Discovery and the Disney Channel.  His next feature documentary (with Carl Stickley) is Hoppy - Underground Head, about legendary counter-cultural icon John 'Hoppy' Hopkins.  Extracts were screened at the Victoria & Albert Museum as the climax of the launch event for You Say You Want A Revolution? – their recent major exhibition on underground culture. The documentary was also the subject of a paper presented by Malcolm at the annual Pop Conference at the Museum of Pop in Seattle.  Crows Nest Films crew have also been involved in the Hoppy project and have enjoyed the decade long journey immensely.


Graham Duff is a prolific screenwriter and producer.  He wrote all 53 episodes of BBC3’s multi-award winning Johnny Vegas sit-com Ideal.  His other series include BBC2’s Hebburn with Vic Reeves, Dr. Terrible’s House of Horrible starring Steve Coogan and the Sky Arts series The Nightmare Worlds of H.G. Wells starring Ray Winstone.   

For BBC Radio 4, he wrote Mark Gatiss’ sci-fi sit-com Nebulous, Alexei Sayle's The Absence of Normal and his own series Stereonation.  As a script editor, Graham’s work includes the feature film Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa, and all 50 episodes of Radio 4’s Sony Gold award winning Count Arthur Strong’s Radio Show, which he also produces.  


Graham is an acknowledged authority on post-punk and industrial music, having published essays on Coil, Cosey Fanni Tutti, Val Denham and The Passage, as well as writing the special edition books for Wire’s albums Pink Flag, Chairs Missing, 154 and Silver/Lead.   He’s written articles for The Guardian and Wire magazine and every December the Dangerous Minds website posts his review of the best alternative music albums of the year.  His debut book Foreground Music – A Life In Fifteen Gigs - is being published in January 2020.



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