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A Biodynamic Masterclass


This is a true masterclass, and an award winning film.

Carney joined Mark Reynier, John McDonnell and Trevor Harris on this incredible learning journey in Alsace.  The group, including 2 of Waterford's farmers Trevor and John, as well as Edward Kehoe from Minchmalt, received an Alsation education researching biodynamic organic farming.  The enthusiasts spent 3 days in the region visiting the Zusslin, Windholtz, Bingert and Zind-Humbrecht domaines.  Biodynamic agriculture is similar to organic farming, but includes a selection of esoteric concepts drawn from the ideas of Austrian philosopher Rudolf Steiner.  Initially developed in 1924, it was the first of the organic agriculture movements.

Alsace has a proportionally huge number of bio-producers and these biodynamic wine growers are hyper-passionate.  Steiner's philosophy goes beyond the obvious avoidance of chemicals and synthetic treatments, to a much more holistic regard for the land.  The rewards of the inherent observation, tenderness and sensitivity are clearly apparent in the wines of the region and it is exhilarating to imagine how these concepts will translate from Harris, McDonnell and Mooney's fields into Waterford's whiskys.

This film, A Biodynamic Masterclass has won a Taste Award for Best Green or Organic Film in the 2019 awards.

Watch the videolightbox[documentary 320 180]A Biodynamic Masterclass::

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