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We will help you in all aspects of pre and post-production; your creative ideas become content

Ship in a bottle
In Safe Hands

Crow's Nest Films is fully covered for employer’s liability. Safety is paramount to our projects. We have comprehensive production insurance with Integro Group

Canon C300
Beauty and a Beast

This camera is magnificent. Image and functionality result in a smooth modern workflow. Coupled with a heritage in optics and processing, it delivers the best of the past and will go far into the future

Sennheiser 2000 series
Just nod if you can hear me

An essential part of what we do involves capturing crystal clear sound on location. This system teamed up with the Sony ecm77 ensures vibrant warm vocals

Avid Symphony
The Industry Standard

We simply love Avid and would never even consider any other form of non-linear editing. If it’s good enough for Hollywood, it’s good enough for Wincle

A Fluid Head
On the Rails

A great slider shot can only be achieved with a great fluid head. Principle presenter camerawork with clean crisp movement can add an extra dimension to narrative

Nizo 801 macro
The Overcranker

This was our first true rock star super 8mm. A button on the side delivered instant slow mo with exposure adjusted. Just perfect for action shots; doubling air-time became a trade marked shot at MTV

Canon 5D mkii
AND 70-200 L USMii

This DSLR and lens combination creates the best close up images we have ever seen. Truly remarkable tones and contrasts within the frame

Beaulieu 4008 zm ii
The Dreamweaver

Not only terribly pretty, this camera allowed you to rewind the film in the can to create some woozy-hippy, dreamlike effects. In Ibiza, circa 1990, this was amazing. Now it looks like a moving carpet stain

Dedo DLH4
Lights, Camera, Action

There’s a reason why they say that. We love the way modern cameras deal with ambient light but a well-lit set is a happy one

Good Glass
Canon’s 16-35 & 24-70 2.8L

Fast Glass delivers astounding imagery. In the realm of lenses you definitely get what you pay for

Digital Memory
One and Zeros

Remember that final scene in “The Raiders of the Lost Arc”? It’s really not dissimilar to our tape and film archive! Thankfully, now all content is digital. We triple back up all rushes in the field and store indefinitely for raid drives in the office

Paillard Bolex 8mm
The Clockwork genius

Before super 8mm there was only 8mm. This mechanical, lens-revolving wonder boasted three minutes of filmic joy with a pistol grip. However, changing films was a lot harder than swopping a memory card

GoPro Hero Cams
Eye can see you

The Go Pros and assorted mounts allow us to film in the strangest places. Even hanging off the wing of a plane or stuck on our hull underwater

Sony EX3
The Workhorse

A post-apocalyptic camera of titans. Being about as work shy as a Horse Guard at Buckingham Palace, it’s long in the tooth now, but is a trusted beast that transitioned us from tapes to cards

Steadicam Arm
Solid as a rock

We have to thank Garratt Brown for inventing the worlds best camera stabilization system. Provides an instant upgrade to any shoot

Wireless Teletest monitor
“Where we’re going, we don’t need cables”

This innocent looking little box provides the Director or Producer with wireless pictures and sound. You see and hear what we film in on location

Anova Pro2
Light, emitting, delights

The ANOVA is a revolutionary bi-colour led floodlight with a super-wide 110-degree beam angle with a gorgeous soft light output that eliminates hard shadows and hotspots. We loved this so much we sold a Kidney to buy it

Rotolight Interview Kit
Ring of Fire

This is the world's most portable, professional, dual light source, colour calibrated LED location HD lighting kit. Its natural, warm, widely dispersed and shadow less ring-light beam makes it perfect for HD Cinematography

Rhino Motion Slider
Smooth as Silk

We know what to do with 48" of pure cinematic glory. 6 rollers filled with 12 sealed ball bearings mounted to a hard-anodised aluminium carriage. There is so little friction you can use gravity to move your shots

See beyond the horizon with Crow's Nest Films

A Biodynamic Masterclass

This is a true masterclass, and an award winning film.

Invictus Games Highlights - Part 1

We were terrifically proud to be a part of the Invictus Games.

Fallachan Nights 'After Burns'

What do you get if you cross excitable Michelin-starred Scottish chefs and an excitable DOP? After Burns.

Wild Chefs

This is what happens when you head to the Hebrides

About Us

producer on film setCrows Nest Films is a UK based independent film production company specialising in projects for multimedia and tv.

The award winning team has worked in feature film, documentaries, broadcast television and corporate sectors of the industry. With exciting emerging markets and improving bandwidth the Internet is already a successful medium of film based communications. Crows Nest Films specializes in this field of productions using what we have learnt in broadcast to make forward facing interactive content.

Crows Nest Films is a collective of professional, highly creative individuals who can come together with modular cohesion, or work on specific projects single-handedly.


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